The Humans Behind mybotto

Linda Lim (CEO) a.k.a botta

When Linda was growing up as the only Asian American in her Midwest hometown, she felt so alien, she actually convinced herself she was an alien. That feeling compelled her to seek adventures on a global scale. She planted trees as part of a reforestation project in West Africa; renovated abbeys in Southern Italy; hitchhiked through Europe; went horseback riding through Morocco and Patagonia and zipped through Northern Thailand on motorcycle.

For a long while, Linda worked as a successful corporate executive. Alas, she wanted to do more… and she longed to integrate her passion for organic health & beauty and sustainability into her work. mybotto called. And today, Linda’s sharing the mybotto-love with everyone she loves.

Thom Hayward (Creative Director) a.k.a bottoThom

As a young boy scout, Thom loved to backpack, climb over big things, chase animals and explore the earth. He dreamt of becoming a forest ranger…and beyond! When he was just 7, Thom’s entrepreneurial spirit started showing: first in clothing design, then furniture design, even sports photography.

For a while, Thom found a path that channeled his creativity, business sense and love of chasing big things: as a corporate communications executive. But over time, he longed for something more meaningful. In a great epiphany Thom realized it was time to go back to his boy scout-earth-love-entrepreneur roots to do something good (maybe even something that could make the world a better place!) Voila! mybotto!

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