Seize your botto-tunity everyday!

At mybotto, we believe everyday is a botto-tunity: an opportunity to eliminate common frustrations, reduce waste, increase efficiencies and make life—heck, even the world around us—better/happier. (That’s our vision of personal social responsibility (PSR), which is pretty sweet!)  When you combine our pump saver caps with mybotto, you can increase your PSR by leaps and bounds!

Fact is, 25% of all lotions, potions and gels is left unused in bottles simply because it’s stuck in the bottom. And pump dispensers make getting lotion even harder! But if you change out your pumps for pump saver caps, then flip your bottles into mybotto inverted bottle holders, every last ounce of product slides right to you.  Imagine how much lotion you could save in a month…a year…5 years? Imagine how fewer bottles you’d toss in the trash? Imagine if every house in your neighborhood…your state…our country…used mybottos? Boy! That small 25% lotion saving effort would really add up to a lot!

A lot less wasted lotion. A lot fewer bottles tossed.

mybotto is a small step, for sure. But if you seize the botto-tunity every day, you can start creating big change in our world—one lotion bottle at a time!

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