• 1. How do I use mybotto?
    • Well, it’s super easy because mybotto inverted bottle holder was designed for bottles of virtually every size (itty bitty to big ole family size), every shape (skinny, fat, round, oblong) and weight (4-40 ounces).
    • Start by closing the lid or cap of the bottle.
    • Next, fit your favorite bottle into the mybotto inverted bottle holder by jiggling it (you know, turning it slightly from side to side) into the patented opening, and letting it nest in its ‘sweet spot’.
    • After the bottle has nested, wait for product to slide right down to the opening. Remember, using the amazing force of gravity to slide the product to you is what mybotto is all about. Just sit back and watch the savings flow.
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  • 2. Where did the name mybotto come from?
    • It's short for "my bottle".
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  • 3. How much product am I leaving behind WITHOUT mybotto? Back to Top
  • 4. What’s the point of using mybotto WITH pump saver caps?
    • Fact is, pump dispensers actually keep lotion in the bottle, sucking it away, and preventing you from getting every last drop.
    • By replacing all the pumps in your house with caps you can stop the pump suck and start saving. FYI, most caps come in standards sizes so you can save caps from other empty bottles and use them any time you need. Voila!
    • If you don’t have any caps—don’t fret--you can buy a set from our online store.
    • Ooops! Remember to close the cap before turning your favorite bottle upside down.
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  • 5. Where is mybotto made?
    • We like keeping things close to home, so some of our products are made by friends in the good ol’ U.S.A and others are made by our friends in Canada. Our goal is to continue manufacturing our products in North America—with companies who think and act responsibly like we do.
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  • 6. What is mybotto made from?
    • Our traditional line is made from recyclable polypropylene. Polypropylene lets us create a durable product, stable enough to hold bottles in varying sizes, at a price that’ll make our customers happy knowing they’re getting a good value.
    • The metalique line is made from recyclable polypropylene.
    • The museum line is made of steel and coated to give various finishes. According to the Steel Recycling Institute (SRI) “Steel has lower energy use and CO2 emissions per ton than aluminum, and magnesium among others.” Frequently, it can be recycled. For questions about that, please refer to your local recycling center or to the SRI recycling locator.
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  • 7. What about social responsibility and sustainability with mybotto?
    • At mybotto, we believe everyday is a botto-tunity: an opportunity to eliminate common frustrations, reduce waste, increase efficiencies and make life—heck, even the world around us—better/happier. (That’s our vision of personal social responsibility “PSR”, which is pretty sweet!)
    • As part of our philosophy, we spend a lot of time researching and pondering how we can integrate more sustainability into all of our products. Fact is, some materials may look eco-friendly, but when you do the research and consider all the issues, you realize they might actually produce a larger carbon footprint. So we look at the big picture, and think about what we can do every day—like sourcing newer, more sustainable materials, or finding new ways to manufacture—while still giving you the most (and best!) for your hard-earned dollar.
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  • 8. Where can I find mybotto??
    • We’re getting the word out to retail stores and distributors as fast as we can, because we know people are going to love mybotto.

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