mybotto story

Fact is, 25% of all lotions, potions, glues and gels is left unused in bottles simply because product is stuck in the bottom. With mybotto inverted bottle holder, you can flip bottles upside down, and gravity finishes the job: every last ounce slides right to you. This fun and stylish home accessory lets you save lotion, save money and put fewer lotion bottles in the trash. It fits on any countertop in your bathroom, workroom or nursery. Whether your bottle holds 4 or up to 40 ounces, mybotto does the trick.

mybotto comes in a bunch of fun colors and cool materials: recyclable plastic, metalized finishes, even black chrome. And you can even feel good about the fact that they’re made in North America!

mybotto’s bigger story

Now there’s a stylish and convenient way to solve a common everyday problem, and reduce waste. With mybotto inverted bottle holder in the house, anyone can fashionably flip any bottle of gel, lotion or cream upside down – so every last drop slides right to you. We think that’s nifty and smart!! But, we believe mybotto has the potential to do more, and reduce waste on a grand scale--if we seized the botto-tunity everyday. You see, with mybotto, we all have the opportunity to initiate meaningful change on our planet, through small steps. As a small company, those big goals make us proud.

Whether it’s savings for our customers, being kinder to the Earth with fewer discarded bottles or offering a smartly designed quirky accessory like mybotto that makes you smile every time you use it, every little step mybotto takes is one we all take together! What a great botto-tunity that is for us all!

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